We love traveling with this remarkable couple. Participation in one of the Fikes’ exclusive Toccati experiences is sure to be a breath of fresh air, yielding tremendous fruit and also unexpected but welcome surprises.

Trust us: you’ll eat great food, see amazing sights, laugh a lot, meet some unusual people, and come back changed. Don’t miss it!
— Mark S, frmr congressman, NC

We’ve traveled a lot, but the Fikes’ prototype Executive Retreat on an island in the Mayan Riviera, in 2004, was my husband’s favorite trip to date - and he’s picky! We’ve embarked on several Toccati adventures since then - each one unique and memorable.

Most recently, we celebrated our 35th anniversary, Toccati-style, in Tuscany. What a special travel experience! The Legacy coaching propelled me with fresh clarity into my next chapter.

And I loved the pre-trip Excursion - exploring Venice with new friends, followed by a soak in an ancient spa town and a night in a private Florentine villa. Doug and Charlene’s expertise and ease in traveling makes every trip a delight. Such fun!
— Susan S, civic & non-profit catalyst, TN

Our Toccati experience in Italy was unquestionably one of our most memorable trips among the many we’ve enjoyed through the years.

Doug and Charlene led us to unique experiences each place we visited, from Gregorian-chant vespers in an ancient monastery to being welcomed like family in an array of local restaurants due to Doug’s irrepressible charm.

Our monastery home base was the perfect space to continue reflecting on the Legacy theme we began exploring virtually in prior months.

We WILL travel again with the Fikes in the future, knowing that our lives will be enhanced in ways we can’t yet anticipate or imagine.
— Gene & Nedra S, business owners, ME

In this crazy world, when do we ever take time for a break? New scenery ... time away from the constant pings of technology ... coaching to gain fresh perspective. All fueled by a smooth glass of wine from local grapes, olives straight from the grove. Toccati makes it happen!

Renewal and reflection in the company of inspiring fellow travelers, ably guided by expert hosts. Not to be missed!
— Caroline W, business owner, FL