Traveling well leads to living better.

Beyond the circular tour, authentic travel takes us somewhere. It transports us - enabling us to disengage the usual and enter a profoundly new kind of space.


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Go there, fully.

Others look to you to figure things out, make things happen, find solutions. We get that. So we understand the importance of high-value, well-crafted spaces where you can deeply disengage ... where it's Not Up To You. 

As your Toccati hosts, we craft experiences designed to help you profoundly shift gears.

Whether relaxing in an ancient monastery on one of our Immersion experiences, eating your way through a night market on an Excursion, or exploring remote islands on a Toccati Edge adventure, we'll handle things... so you can Just. Be. There. 

We'll even prompt timely, thoughtful reflection, to help you be fully present to your eye-opening experience du jour.

Travel well.

We hand-pick Toccati destinations from an ever-growing "short list" of places we've come to know and love, creating unique experiences worthy of sharing with a hardy band of fellow travelers. 

Welcome aboard.

Relish a travel menu designed to awaken the senses, delight the heart and nourish the soul. Savor the small group size, humane pace, kindredness of spirit, and alertness to serendipity so beloved by Toccati alumni. 

We'll provide the ingredients and help you find the mix that's right for you. Memorable outings and time to just be. Rich fellowship and personal space. Stimulating interaction and quiet reflection. New horizons and, when the time is right, encouragement and space to plumb the depths.

Live deeply.

Well-conceived travel takes us to genuinely new places. And what we experience “out there” shapes who we are back home. In the words of Marcel Proust, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” 

Travel offers the gift of perspective - the kind you simply can’t get back at the ranch. In addition to great memories, the right kind of travel yields renewed vitality and passion. Personal and relational upgrades. Fresh insight about ourselves and empathy for others. 

Like Bilbo Baggins, we choose who we will become as we travel “there and back again.” The Toccati spirit celebrates doing life intentionally, as travelers - rather than passively, as tourists. Embracing the power of choice. May we all, increasingly and courageously, opt for More than the package tour. 


Join us this fall in Italy!


Our most popular Toccati experience is back, and better than ever!

Drafting on last year’s hugely successful trip, this fall's Legacy-themed Tuscan Immersion week filled up quickly. so, we've added a second week. don't miss out!

Italy is arguably our favorite personal travel destination .… and Tuscany understandably tops many folks’ “gotta go!” lists. Mid October/early November is our favorite time to visit - in the heart of the Chianti region, just after the grape harvest. The tourist hordes leave, the weather is crisp but inviting, vineyards are ablaze with color, and locals shift into family mode for the raccolta (olive harvest). 

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Meet the founders

Long before we met, shuttling between cultures and countries was kinda normal, for both of us. Our mutual love of airports and those daydream attacks at the sight of jet contrails have never worn off.

A combined century of vigorous travel has a way of doing something to a couple. And to your kids, family, friends, associates, and beyond ....

Because travel changes you. 

And because traveling well helps you live deeply.


“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.”

– G.K. Chesterton


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