“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”

– Mary Anne Radmacher

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We host three types of trips.* Each provides a unique but differing travel experience, set in some of the world's most amazing places. 


Toccati Immersions allow us to deeply share special places, people, and travel experiences we've come to love over the years with a select group of friends, old and new. We establish a memorable base location or two within a region, and venture out on a few day trips and excursions.

Instead of covering lots of ground, Immersions prioritize rest and renewal, great food and drink, art and culture, guided reflection and interaction, laughter and good conversation. Some include coaching packages offered in conjunction with Growth Resources, Inc. Group size 6-16.

breathe deeply, get some fresh perspective, and enjoy a magical corner of the world. 

Toccati Excursions explore intriguing places we've visited, loved, and re-visited, returning this time with a hardy band of fellow travelers. Think stimulating regional itinerary, involving moderate packing and unpacking as we rove through an area by various means of transport.

The emphasis of these fun trips is roaming and exploring, good food and camaraderie ... and taking that occasional, unscheduled left turn. We dive into local culture while targeting hidden gems and embracing unique experiences - typically off the beaten tourist path. We often offer Excursions of varying lengths prior to or following Immersions or Edge adventures. Group size 4-10.

   live those fun travel stories, complete with maybe a surprise or two. lean in as the journey unfolds!

Toccati Edge trips push into relatively remote areas which beg to be explored with a small band of travelers ready for adventure. We stay on the move through the target area, maximizing opportunities and staying alert for unique, impromptu travel experiences. Yeah - the kind you'll find at the top of many bucket lists.

Pack light, take only what you can carry ... and expect to be stretched a little. Maybe a lot. Think discovery, exploration, adventure, authenticity, and personal growth. Group size 2-8.

join the expedition, and buckle in. find your edge.

* In addition to the three types of intimate, small-group travel described above, we love creating super-customized travel experiences for individuals or couples, when time allows. Early experiences curated for friends in Europe and the Caribbean, followed by extended excursions throughout the Iberian peninsula, southeast Asia, and the Eastern Mediterranean in more recent years - incorporating segments reflecting each of the above modes of travel - have underscored the unique value and impact of this approach. Read more about recent Toccati Bespoke Italian adventures on the Looking Back: Tuscany page.