Carve out space just for you. Nine days at sea.

Uninterrupted. Think of the possibilities ...

2019 Immersion: the Legacy Project

Toccati’s 2019 Immersion takes our coached retreat experience to new heights, while sailing across the Atlantic on the maiden voyage of the five-star NCL Encore. Following a couple months of virtual interaction, participants will rendezvous for a luxuriantly set-aside time of refreshment, renewal, and the space and support to engage a customized personal “legacy project” of their own choosing.

We love NCL’s signature style, which brings us back time and again: a great array of “freestyle” dining; relaxed-but-classy ambiance at a good price; memorable entertainment and innovative experiences without pretense.

Encore is NCL’s newest, Breakaway-class ship, lauded for an array of well-conceived innovations. And a trans-Atlantic crossing - sans stopovers! - creates the perfect setting for a Toccati Immersion: languorous days at sea to rest, reflect, focus inward … capped by a full day in port in New York City.


why a Toccati Immersion?

Over the years, Toccati’s Immersion experiences have struck a deep chord. We’ve stopped calling these experiences the “trip of a lifetime,” in deference to the lengthening list of Toccati alumni who have returned for another round, or who plan to do so at their next opportunity.

Some folks have begun to build this set-apart time into their annual calendar: much-anticipated “me-time” for executives, parents, leaders who are otherwise, elsewhere, constantly on call. We curate each year’s experience based on prior explorations, highlighting unique experiences and exotic locations we personally love, while bringing our field-tested coaching experience to the table. Check out past adventures here.

Every Toccati Immersion is a powerful bounded open space experience featuring disengagement from the routines of everyday life - space designed to help you shift gears, tune into the journey of your heart, and regain fresh perspective on life back home. We seed the space with good questions and help focus personal and group reflection around selected personal growth and life-legacy themes.

Expect an immersion into breathtaking scenery and bucket-list destinations, a restful pace and beautiful spaces, stimulating conversations over great cuisine, personal reflection and group interaction, enriching fellowship and lasting camaraderie. 

Rather than try to explain the Toccati magic, the power of life-reflection in set-apart spaces, or the synergy between Toccati alumni, we’ll simply share some images from a recent Toccati Immersion:


The Amber Coaching Package

This Toccati Immersion is offered as a coaching package in conjunction with Growth Resources. Your coaches will walk alongside

… in advance

  • to help you select your top priority project

  • set goals and prepare well for the trip

  • frame your time at sea to incorporate the right mix of rest and reflection, fun and focus.

    … at sea

  • to maximize the experience, maintaining your own just-right rhythms

  • providing support, encouragement, and accountability along the way

  • helping you navigate your personal journey of the heart as you cross the Atlantic Ocean.

    … upon return

  • helping you re-engage life’s routines

  • incorporating the fruit of your retreat into your ongoing journey

From reflection exercises to packing tips, personal inventories to buying air tickets, mental frameworks to travel tidbits, we’ll help you get the most from your experience.

Participants, and spouses, may of course choose to engage the coaching and project space however best suits their level of energy, interest or stage of life. You determine what works for you!

Crafting your experience

Craft your own experience. Determine the focus of your Legacy Project, drawing from past Toccati or other coached legacy work. Or simply follow your heart. Set aside quality time to finally work on that long-delayed project. Do something with those thousands of digital photos. Outline the book you carry inside. Read that pile of books. Learn a language. Journal, craft, blog, strategize, compose, sketch, dream …. It’s your call!

Design your trip. How and when will you travel to London, or come home from New York City? Will you go to Europe a few days early, or perhaps stay for a bit of Manhattan sightseeing following your trans-Atlantic retreat? If you plan to set aside a few extra days, do you want to travel on your own, or join our Toccati 2019 Eurocities Excursion?

How will you spend your days at sea? You set the pace, prioritizing time to reflect, write, ponder, create in your chosen hideaway; musing with your coach or a new friend; hanging out with your small-but-intriguing group of travel companions.

Join those gathering to work on photography in the library. Engage some group coaching in the observation lounge. Savor a memorable dinner with friends in one of the ship’s specialty restaurants. Take in a Broadway show or sing along with the Beatles, then gather for drinks at the A-List, District Brew House or Cellars Wine Bar.

Or simply perch alone with your journal or a good book in a quiet corner. Disappear into the ship’s thermal therapy lounge: soaking, relaxing, and pondering life as the ship’s wake recedes into the endless horizon.


The four-month coaching package includes:

  • Initial assessment to help identify goals, prepare well, and create a plan for your floating retreat.

  • Two pre-trip virtual group coaching sessions and a post-event group coaching debrief.

  • Legacy retreat: immersive 10d/9n experience implementing your personal Legacy Project, supplemented by group coaching.

  • Trans-Atlantic cruise including lodging, all meals, and a wide array of entertainment at sea.

  • To avoid that legendary end-of-cruise sticker-shock at checkout, we’ve included all taxes, room-location up-charges, port fees, select onboard amenity packages and associated package gratuities. We’ll even pre-pay those notorious per-person cabin gratuities for the entire cruise. Veteran cruisers know that these fees can accumulate thousands of $$ in added fees.

  • Airfare can be added by prior arrangement.

  • Standard Package: an inside cabin at a preferred mid-ship location plus NCL’s Specialty Dining Package, incorporating 4 culinary experiences at any of the ship’s 8 specialty restaurants.

  • Premium Package: a balcony room and the Specialty Dining Package along with NCL’s unlimited Premium Beverage Package. The beverage package alone, if purchased separately, would cost over $900 per person. Sante!

  • Please inquire about a single supplement, or for help finding a roommate if needed. NCL’s new ships offer the unusual option of good-value single-passenger studio cabins (while they last), in addition to the option of sharing a cabin.

  • Time investment: the coaching package requires 2+ hours/month of your time, plus onboard retreat days, in addition to any pre- and post-retreat travel.


Standard Package: $3490

Premium Package: $4950

(price for 2 persons, double occupancy)

Let's do this!

arrive Southampton, UK saturday, nov 2

depart Manhattan, NYC monday, nov 11



Plan on arriving in Southampton, UK (roughly 2 hrs from London) no later than noon, Nov 2. Most participants opt to arrive at least a day or two prior, to get over jet lag and enjoy some additional time in the area.

Convenient transfers are available by train or bus from London. Note - Stonehenge is conveniently located enroute 😇. We're happy to help you explore the possibilities!


Again this year we will be offering a curated travel experience prior to the Immersion: the 8d/7n Toccati Eurocities Excursion. The Toccati Excursions are perennially popular, and limited to a handful of hardy travel companions who love the idea of some additional exploration in the region, in our unique Toccati style.

Let us know if you're interested in joining this year's Euro-adventure prior to boarding the ship. Of course, this year’s Excursion itinerary is perfectly designed to deposit you right in Southampton, ready to go for your cruise retreat!