We're talking quintessential exotic adventure here.


morocco is a heady melange: arab and berber, french and portuguese, desert and mountain, endless beach and twisting medina, nobleman's riad and shepherd's tent. 

really old and simply timeless.

Following wide-ranging exploration throughout this diverse North African region, we had to agree: it's even better than the Epcot version ... a long-time family fave. Who knew? 

Finally Doug crafted the dream Moroccan adventure - a Toccati Edge adventure waiting to happen: an edge-pushing 4X4 trek exploring Morocco's High Atlas mountains, traversing the mid-Atlas region, and incorporating a couple of forays into the Sahara.  


Good to know

  • As conceived, the package consists of 13 days, 12 nights.
    • Gather, experience Marrakech for a day and night before heading out
    •  Immerse and challenge yourself over 11 days, 10 nights of trekking
    • Explore and celebrate in Fes with the gang on the final day and night
  • A convenient option: additional nights in Marrakech and/or Fes.
  • An ideal experience for teenagers traveling with dad and/or mom on a coming-of-age adventure


A Photographer's Paradise

Over more than four decades of travel photography, Morocco remains one of Doug's favorite global photography destinations. If you love photography, have played around with it a bit and would like to take things to the next level, or have just "got the itch," this is the trip for you.

The sheer, extended sensory immersion - with Doug alongside - will morph into an indelible photographic upgrade. And will be crazy fun along the way.



    Expedition Highlights

    • Wander two of Morocco's fabled medieval walled cities, Marrakech & Fes.  
    • Traverse Morocco's mountainous interior, into the edges of the vast Sahara.
    • Experience Berber food & culturecanyons & gorges, day hikes & market visitsoases & kasbahs, camel riding & dune trekking, desert camping plus a taste of sultan-esque luxury.  
    • Escorted by a bilingual Berber guide and driver, we'll roam rugged terrain in a Toyota Land Cruiser or two, following a rather amazing itinerary, with rare freedom to adapt and flex, based on what we discover along the way.  


    Lodging list

    The array of lodging gives a window into the breadth and texture of this experience: 

    • palatial kasbahs
    • guest-house dars
    • uber-rustic mountain gites
    • Berber desert camps, and
    • manor-house riads